The social issue of “Gender Neutral Bathrooms,” is explored using logos (logic) as the main mode of persuasive rhetoric to a different target audience. Two magazine spreads are created for a publication similar to The Walrus magazine in format and readership demographics. The spreads are treated as a feature article, with the first spread as the feature article opening and the second spread continuing the article. The tone of the article is authoritative, informative, and logically persuasive.

17" x 11"
Print Media
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign

For the topic of gender neutral bathrooms, there are not many available photographs to use for a magazine spread aside from pictures of toilets and bathroom stalls. I decided to go for a more illustrative approach so I could incorporate attention grabbing artwork. The headline, "The Restroom Revolution," carries throughout the art as well as the infographic, which is a timeline of the development of public bathrooms.
Check out some of my layout sketches and brainstorming by clicking below:
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