The goal of this project was to create a series of 3 unique postcards that could be given out to those considering attending the York Sheridan Design Program.

5" x 7"
Print Media
Adobe Illustrator

The concept behind these designs is that most people come into or apply to this program with a few design skills and ideas, which they can show off and utilize. These outwardly visible skills are represented in my postcards by the section of the object that is shown above the water in each design. As this section is above the surface of the water, it is very easy for the viewer to see. However, this program can help you take those visible attributes, and develop them into professional and original design. The program allows students to “discover hidden potential.” The hidden potential is shown in my postcards by the part of the object that is submerged in the water, it is harder to see, but it is still there. Every student has that potential, they just need guidance on applying it, which happens in this program. As well, the section below the surface of the water is much more grand and interesting than what is shown above, as most students’ skills and ideas will increase exponentially. 
The style of the postcards is simple, flat design. The main image is hand drawn with smooth lines and simple shapes. The emphasis of each design (the main object: the island, iceberg, and whale) is kept white, with blue details, to create high contrast and allow the illustration to pop. The sky and the water are mostly blue, with some white details added in the water so that the viewer can distinguish that the main object is intended to be underwater. Having no white details in the sky allows the piece of each object that is above the surface of the water to become the focal point, as the small amount of white in the large area of blue creates contrast that draws the viewer’s attention. I chose a bold, wide, sans-serif font to compliment the thick lines of my illustration. The viewer may not be able to understand the message just from the illustration design alone, so the tagline is bold and clear to anchor the meaning of the postcard. I made the illustration fairly small on the postcard to allow a lot of white space, which lets the blue design stand out. As well, each postcard has a distinguished wave pattern, to reinforce that each postcard is unique.
My promotional item is packaged cookies. The cookies have the postcard tagline written directly on them, in a similar colour to the paper I used for the back of my postcard. The tagline is written in a similar font to what is on my postcards (as similar as I could get with icing). When the cookies are bitten into, or broken open, it reveals that they are full of colourful candy. This helps relate the promotional item to my postcards, as the candy represents the “hidden potential” that the consumer is discovering. The cookies are packaged with a label containing the Department of Design and York University logo, so the consumer knows what program the promotional item is relating to.
View some of my process and variations below:
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