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A childhood of catching bugs, collecting frogs, and calling to the loons during the summers in cottage-country instilled in me a love of nature that has remained prevalent into my adulthood. Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, I have been constantly immersed in all of the natural beauty that this province has to offer. The landscapes and wildlife that I have witnessed are something that I attempt to convey in my art to others, along with all of the positive feelings of being in nature.

I am also fortunate that my passion for the arts has been nurtured from a young age, starting with finger painting and pipe-cleaner crafts, to eventually being enrolled in local arts classes. High school ramped up my love for art, as once I got over that “I’m-too-cool-to-join-clubs” phase, I joined the Art Club. I spent my after-school hours learning from kick-ass teachers and hanging out with cool people, while participating in awesome projects like making props for the theatre kids, and painting murals at the local police station.

Oil painting came into my life around 2014. My big brother, who was working on completing his BFA from the University of Guelph, decided it was time to show me the ropes of this medium. I hated it. Slippery paint that blended so much you just made mud. Nah, not for me. But then a few months later I tried it again, with more patience. And I loved it. Turns out, practice makes perfect, who knew? I have been hooked ever since. 

I completed my Bachelor of Design from York University and Sheridan College in 2020. During my time at University I was able to further my art education by taking electives such as painting, relief printing, life drawing, and screenprinting. These classes allowed me to expand my creativity, and while I focus on oil painting, printmaking will always hold a strong place in my heart.

During my last year in University I started to receive more notable painting commissions (from strangers—a big deal!), and was also invited to participate in an art show (Raw Toronto: REFLECT), during which I sold quite a few original paintings. This combination of encouraging events made me confident that I could have a career in the arts, so when I graduated mid-pandemic, I leaned into my paintings full time. I have since completed numerous commissioned paintings for happy collectors, and have also sold many prints and originals through this very website. 

When I am not painting, I like to consider myself a hobby collector. I enjoy reading fantasy novels, baking, playing hockey, hiking, foraging for mushrooms, camping, gardening, and brewing kombucha. And the list is ever-changing and continuously getting stranger.

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Raw Toronto: REFLECT, The Mod Club, Toronto ON


Portfolio 2014 (Juried Exhibition), MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie ON